Jenny in Fairy Sanctuary

Jenny in Fairy Sanctuary

Hi, I’m Jenny and I built the World’s 1st Fairy Rescue & Rehoming Centre in 2009 in my garden!

Ever since I was a child I always loved time spent outdoors creating magical little homes and fairy furniture from anything I could find. Building a tiny shelter from twigs and leaves and stocking it with essential supplies like flower petal bonnets, and shiny bead mirrors for passing fairies was my idea of heaven.

I’m an ex Rainbow & Cub Scout leader with years of hands on experience helping out in classrooms. I am passionate about inspiring children to use their imaginations and create wonderful things for themselves. 

Everything you see on the website has been designed and put together by me, here in my Saddleworth home in West Yorkshire. There is of course a pinch of extra fairy dust from the fairies who live here too for good measure.

Visitors to The Fairy Sanctuary can join me in the giant fairy house to enjoy craft activities, games and story telling. I hold regular Holiday Fairy Clubs as well as magical parties for small groups of children (Maximum group size 6) aged 4 and over. 

The fairy garden attracts many tiny winged visitors including birds, bees, butterflies, and insects and if you’re really lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a fairy!

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