A Few Of The Things Fairies Make With Eggs!

Spring is a great time for home improvements and egg shells come in so handy

Spring is a great time for home improvements

Signs of fairy activity is all around in the gardens and wide open spaces of the countryside as fairies dutifully tend the Spring flowers and powder their noses with pussy willow buds.

It’s a time for fresh starts, Spring cleaning and a perfect opportunity to help fairies with a bit of DIY and refurbishing the fairy house and after all their hard work providing a welcome opportunity for rest with our simple hammock.

As it’s nearly Easter we have put together a guide of things you can make for fairies using eggs!

A simple but effective porch

A simple but effective porch


Fairy Swing

Fairy Swing

Fairy Swings keep fairies happy in the fairy garden

It looks so pretty but it’s so easy to make and cost just pennies!


Fairies Love Unicorns

Fairies love unicorns and so do we!

We always have lots of fun playing unicorn games here at The Fairy Sanctuary.

Here are a few of our unicorn toys and games that you can play with when you visit.


We “Heart” Fairies part 2

Heart Shaped Fairy Bubble wand

Show fairies you love them by making beautiful heart shaped things for them.

This week we make a magical fairy wand.

Fairies love to play in the garden. A favourite game is chasing bubbles and what better way to make bubbles than waving your own magical fairy wand!


Fairy wand

Fairy wand with beautiful jewelled handle


We “Heart” Fairies part 1

Heart Shaped Fairy & Bird Food

Show fairies you love them with these simple ideas using hearts as a theme. 

This week’s project is heart shaped fairy & bird food.

heart shaped fairy food

heart shaped fairy food


Mildred Fairy’s Shopping Memory Game

Mildred's shopping basket

Mildred Fairy has lost her shopping list

Mildred Fairy is going shopping but she’s lost her shopping list.

Can You help Mildred? 


Fairy Christmas Eve Box

Fairy Christmas Eve Box

Fairy Christmas Eve Box

Here at The Fairy Sanctuary we have hundreds of fairies to look after Christmas Eve so we put out these Christmas Eve boxes to help them settle so they are fast asleep when Santa comes. 

It’s very easy to put together a Christmas Eve box for your fairies and now is the time to start making things to put inside it. 

Follow these simple steps and use your own ideas to make a personalised fairy Christmas Eve box that fairies will love! (more…)

Help Fairies Count The Sleeps Till Christmas

Christmas fairy decorations

Christmas fairy decorations

 Want to help fairies join in the festivities?

Here are our top tips to make sure you attract as many fairies as possible to share your Christmas fun!


5 Things You can Do To Help Fairies This Autumn

There are  5 things you can do NOW that will make sure fairies stay safe this Winter!

Would you know what to do if you saw a fairy out in the middle of the day in Autumn?

Should fairies be hibernating?

Well the good news is fairies are just as active through Autumn as they are in Summer. So if you do happen to see one out and about there is no need to worry.

There are lots of things that you can do to help fairies this time of year though and here are some of our favourites.


Fairy Club members make fairy beds

Our weekly fairy club is a great way to learn how to help fairies.

kids make fairy bed

Matchbox fairy beds are so easy to make


This week members start thinking about providing warm cosy beds for fairies indoors as they prepare for Autumn & Winter.

It’s a good job we did because some of the fairy beds were actually made during the torrential thunder storm we had on Tuesday. I think the fairies will be especially grateful for soft warm beds that night!

If you want to make a fairy bed here’s a few ideas. (more…)